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Convenience stores
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※Some stores do not sell the product. Please check with each store for the status.



Expiration date: Vanilla Visa Gift Cards have an expiration date.

No returns, exchanges or conversions: Vanilla Visa Gift Cards cannot be returned, exchanged or converted for cash after purchase.

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 <Vanilla Visa Gift card Terms of Use>

  • You can check the card balance online or by phone service.

  • This prepaid Visa Card can also be used internationally.

  • Balances of less than 9 Japanese Yen cannot be used for payment.

  • The card will become unusable once the balance has been exhausted.

  • If used for a currency other than Japanese Yen, even in Japan, a specific exchange rate plus a 5.09% fee will be applied.

  • The card has an expiry date, which is noted on the card; after the expiry date is reached, the card cannot be used.

  • The card only supports the magnetic swipe function.

  • A PIN cannot be used for this card.

【Payment in the EU or at Visa merchants in Internet stores where the managing company is in the EU.】
The Anti-Money Laundering Directive5 will be introduced in Europe (EU member states) on Friday, January 10, 2020.
Under this directive, Visa gift cards will only be accepted for payments not exceeding 150 Euros for face-to-face payments and 50 Euros for payments in Internet stores. In addition, there is a possibility that Visa gift cards will not be accepted in stores and internet stores in the EU after this system comes into effect. In the case of Internet stores, the above restrictions may apply if the store's Visa merchant management company is located in an EU member state.


【For use in European countries】 The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is an anonymous Visa card as it's a legitimate Visa card and a gift card. Some countries in Europe prohibit the use of anonymous gift cards and they are not accepted in the following countries(Austria, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain)